Differences between virginia colony and pennsylvania colony economicly and socialy

By the time of Penn's return to England late inthe foundations of the Quaker Province were well established. Commerce and Transportation The rivers were important as early arteries of commerce and were soon supplemented by roads in the southeastern section.

The census of showed that the number of African Americans had increased to about 10, of whom about 6, had received their freedom. They were large landowners, very wealthy merchants, and financiers.

There was more religious freedom in Virginia than in Massachusetts Bay. Philadelphia became the metropolis of the British colonies and a center of intellectual and commercial life. They were both colonies of England and settled in roughly the same time period.

The defeat of the French and Indian war alliance bythe withdrawal of the French, the crushing of Chief Pontiac's Indian alliance inand the failure of all attempts by Native Americans and colonists to live side by side led the Native Americans to migrate westward, gradually leaving Pennsylvania.

George Fox, the son of a Leicestershire weaver, is credited with founding it inthough there was no definite organization before In the Pennsylvania Assembly, which had Delaware representatives, approved an Act of Union that made the Pennsylvania Charter applicable to the three counties, but Delaware leaders resented domination by Pennsylvanians.

This occasion was the origin of the traditional Thanksgiving as we know it today. The Scotch brought Presbyterianism; its first congregation was organized in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania's northern boundary was also undetermined, and settlers from Connecticut, organized as the private Susquehannah Company, arguing on the basis of both Connecticut's colonial charter and a questionable land purchase deed made from some Iroquois chiefs inoccupied the Wyoming Valley and had hopes of obtaining much of northern Pennsylvania.

Penn was free to rule his colony as he saw fit, and was answerable to only the king of England. With these two colonies, English settlement in North America was born. English Quakers were the dominant English element, although many English settlers were Anglican. Another advantage to the slave owner was that all children born of slaves also became slaves Roark But Delaware leaders refused to acknowledge the Charter of Privileges unless they received as many Assembly seats as the Pennsylvania counties.

Printing, publishing, and the related industry of papermaking, as well as tanning, were significant industries. They worked as professionals, such as lawyers and doctors, or merchants who owned stores.

Many New England communities treated Quakers poorly and many Quakers saw acts of violence inflicted on them in the name of God Roark At the beginning of the seventeenth century, the southern colonists lived their lives in much the same way.

Most were farmers with small plots of land that were maintained by family members and possibly a couple servants.

Its superiority was so well recognized that by gunsmiths were duplicating it in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and Maryland.

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He also appointed a governor who had the power to veto any laws passed by the council. The Puritans founded the northern colonies of New England.

1681-1776: The Quaker Province

The government built forts and furnished men and supplies to help defend the empire to which it belonged. Methodism began late in the colonial period.

When the Pennsylvanians would not accept this, Governor Gookin inconvened a separate Assembly for the Delaware counties, which continued to exist until Society and Culture Arts and Learning Philadelphia was known in colonial times as the "Athens of America" because of its rich cultural life.

Despite the unpopularity of his religion, he was socially acceptable in the king's court because he was trusted by the Duke of York, later King James II. The colonists of New England took the General Court concept and used it to govern their colonies.

The General Court made laws and governed the company. Cold climate and thin, rocky soil limited farm size. Several survivors befriended and assisted the colonists. The people of Massachusetts BayAn abundance of rivers allowed for transportation of goods between the colonies.

Mills to grind grains developed and supported local economies. Relationships with Native Americans were better in these colonies than in the others. This area was also the most ethnically diverse. Compare and Contrast Massachusetts and Virginia Economics and Politics. Both the economics and politics greatly differed between Massachusetts and Virginia between and The differences in the percentage of classes were unbelievably large and their entire economic /5(4).

Differences Between Virginia Colony And Pennsylvania Colony Economicly And Socialy. were two colonies with England settlers, these colonies were very different.

New England economy was base on growing crops and livestock, unlike the Chesapeake who depended greatly on the king of England for economic support. Also, the relationship between the natives and the settlers were oftentimes strained, unlike that in Virginia’s colony where strong bonds were formed between the two camps (Gee, n.d.).

The concept of socioeconomic structure emanated from the introduction of colonialism in America. There are similarities and differences between the Virginia colony and the Massachusetts Bay colony.

The Virginia colony had fertile soil and a good climate for farming. Colonial America: Unit 1. PLAY. Tobacco. product that was instramental in the economic stability of the colony of Virginia.

Middle Colonies. Quakers, Catholics, Religious Tolerance, Flexible Social Structure. Geographic Conditions. Differences between the Southern, Middle, New England Colonies. Puritans. Religious Dissenters, Belief in hard.

Differences between virginia colony and pennsylvania colony economicly and socialy
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